How The Internet Has Changed The Marketing Mix

Published: 28th February 2011
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Generally, when people talk about the marketing mix, they are referring to the four P's- Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Previously, when stores were the only places people would purchase things, marketers had to think about things like- which stores they would choose to stock their goods, where in the store they would place them etc. But now organisations need to develop online strategies to attract and retain customers.

People now spend time on the internet, not only buying products but researching them. Consumer reviews are available on most company sites where people are free to share all of their thoughts and opinions. This phenomenon of real people, sharing real thoughts, in real-time isn't limited to company websites. No, social platforms have sprung up all over the internet solely for people to share their personal details, preferences, and whereabouts with one another.

While this might seem threatening to brands, it's actually the complete opposite. Brands can use these platforms to their advantage by getting closer to their buyers. They can learn all about what they like, how they interact, and where they spend their time online. And if the information they are obtaining isn't specific enough, they are asking for it. Some brands ask outright, others launch competitions and collect data, and some get their followers to do their work for them, tempting them with prizes and five minutes of fame!

As a result of all of this social stuff, a fifth P has been added to the marketing mix-personality. Brands now need to have personalities. Not just identities but an actual voice, a face, a sense of humour, and most importantly, opinions and value to add. Yes social platforms have opened up the conversation, but the conversation should still be clever. And if not clever, than informative or entertaining.

Moreover, brands utilizing these platforms have to be committed to them. With online profiles, they are attracting the attention of people around the world, and as a result marketing must always be on. Like New York, online marketing never sleeps. If a company is considering starting a blog and believes that they will post three times a week, then they must. If they go a few weeks without a post, readers will fall off, and are likely not to come back. In that respect it's better to start small, be more than realistic about what you can output and then, once it becomes part of your everyday, part of the way you speak, browse, surf, and travel, you can start adding more.


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